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    Smart Kids Games offers fun and knowledge  



  Smart Kids Games™ has been designed to educate and entertain children while helping them improve their writing, reading, art and memory skills.

Modern pedagogical methods have been used while creating this package of educational games.
The games are adjusted to the child’s individual development, encouraging every child to go forward according to his/her desire and ability.

Social skills will develop by competing with friends, brothers, sisters or even mom and dad.

Let them play, let them say what they mean, give them the best way to express themselves and you will discover abilities that you did not know your child has.

Smart Kids Games™ can be used over and over again.



Make the best Puzzle out of your photos on your PC


    Memory Game  

Find two of a kind to practice your memory


    Guess the Word  

Spell everyday words and develop letter recognition skills


    Happy Colors  

Work with color books, draw and create your own designs.


    Something in Common  

Look for similarities; incredibly interesting things are hidden inside.