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Can your child resist the possibility to create a puzzle out of it's own favorite photos? I believe not. Just imagine how it will react after setting the last piece of the puzzle that is showing it's cute face.

Give your child the possibility to practice creating wholes out of more and more pieces in different shapes.

This way the little brain will learn how to work faster and get resourceful while managing with various color shades.

You can also choose an image from our gallery to make a puzzle from. Each time you play, you can choose bigger and bigger number of pieces to fit and improve your puzzle skills.

  Memory Game
An interesting, competing game, with images easily recognizable for your child which offers entertaining, learning and skill development at the same tame.

These images come from everyday life to help practicing and developing children’s memory while exploring their environment.

Memory game is consisted of 2 main levels with 4 other levels in each one of them, according to the number of elements that are about to be coupled.

While searching for pairs the child develops variety of skills like perception (of colors, similarities, differences, etc); speed in reacting; and the most important - practicing and strengthening the memory as a very important factor in the entire developing process.

Memory game is easy to use, even for children that get in touch with computers in their earliest ages.

“Smart Kids Games” helps parents by accomplishing a very important condition:


  Guess the Word
Learn fast spelling and creating words because every letter is important. Compete, give all the best and become champions in word guessing.

Great numbers of words coming from different areas like home, nature, animals, body, days of the week, months, etc. They can attract any child’s attention.
Competing game of practical use, whose colors remind of nature, they relax and invite you to join an interesting story of the caterpillar.

This game is useful not only for small children that are about to learn spelling, but also for children in higher levels of education that love playing with words and competing with their friends on educational basis.

Kids, get ready for school. It will be much easier if you practice at home too. Moreover, while you are guessing the word, learn how to count, add numbers and multiply with 5. Invite your brothers and sisters, your friends and join the fun together.

Show mom and dad that your computer helps you learn and move forward.

  Happy Colors
“HAPPY COLORS” is a creativity source consisting multi-skilled activities. This game is created because colors are part of children’s life; they inspire and give them joy. And when colors are set in a position to help in child’s development, than they accomplish their purpose.

We let children express their feelings and build their creativity by rewarding them with an amusing game of progress and creation.

Variety of options that chalenge. Different ways of drawing lines, geometrical shapes. See the mirror effect and how interesting drawings you can get with it. Play with lots of color shades in the color book. Send your wishes, greetings, love.

Make the best invitation and wishing cards or send your drawings to somenone you love by e-mail or print it for your self.

  Something in Common

Something in common is an original educational game that leads children to reach knowledge, without having the feeling of being at school.

Huge number of combinations, completely different situations appear in 3 levels of the game. At that, while looking at the images and listening to their names, the child is looking for similarities and connects them to create a whole.

That will put the child in a situation when the a little man grows up and needs to think, compare, decide, and all that in an interesting way trough game.

Our kids will enjoy this endlessness of contents, variations, thanks to their marvelous ideas and thoughts.

Not only the kids, but also the parents will be free to join their dearest in the world of knowledge, skills and entertaining.